What to Expect:


At your first therapy appointment, I will spend the bulk of our time listening to you to learn about your concerns and goals, and develop am initial plan for our work together. In following sessions we will work together on ways to address your concerns and meet your goals. Most of our work will be done in sessions, but you will likely also go home with suggestions of things to try between sessions. People tend to see some improvement within a month of starting services, but often remain in therapy for 3-4 months or longer to fully meet their goals. Therapy sessions last 50 minutes.

When working with children, I often request a first session alone with parents so that we can discuss your concerns openly without fear of your child's reaction. We will then decide whether I can best help you meet your goals by meeting individually with your child, meeting together with parents and child, or meeting only with parents. Even if we choose for me to work individually with your child, a parent must come with the child to each session, and should expect to spend the first 5-10 minutes of the session giving me a brief update of your child's progress. Your participation is vital to your child's success.


Initial assessment appointments are similar to initial therapy appointments. We will discuss your concerns and create an assessment plan. In following sessions you and/or your child will complete standardized measures, including questionaires, problem solving tasks, and creative tasks. Some will be compelted in office, and some will be given to you to compelte on your own time. After all testing is complete, I will need about a week to compile results into a written report. We will then meet to review the assessment in person. Assessment sessions vary in length depending on the amount of information we are gathering, but rarely last longer than 3 hours. You may need 1-3 sessions to complete the testing.