Therapy Services

I work with children, teens, and adults, helping people find their path when emotions have lead them astray. We will work together to develop a therapy plan that is individually tailored to your needs.

Strategies I use include:

Body-centered or behavioral techniques: Learning active ways to reduce any physical symptoms you or your child experiences.

Mind-based or cognitive techniques: Manage troubling or racing thoughts to give you or your child more control over your mind and moods.

Creative, expressive strategies: Communication strategies along with art and play for all ages to help you better express and understand feelings that are holding you back.

Some areas of focus for therapy include:


  • Calming anxieties and managing fears and obsessions
  • Soothing depression and learning to find joy in everyday life
  • Better understanding yourself and how you cope with stress so you know which strategies help you and which hold you back
  • Healing from loss and childhood trauma
  • Better understanding your children and learning new ways to work with them to improve their behavior or their emotional coping skills
  • Balancing work, family and recreation

Children and teens:

  • Learning to manage anger, worry, fear, sadness and other emotions
  • Finding motivation and strategies to succeed in school
  • Overcoming abuse and trauma
  • Developing plans to address school difficulties such as attention deficits and learning differences
  • Developing self confidence and the social skills needed to make and keep friendships
  • Dealing more effectively with teasing and bullying