Assessment Services

Have you been in and out of therapy for years without really knowing where to start? Do you think you'd make more progress on your goals if you understood yourself better? Could you help your child succeed in school and life if you only understood what the problem was? In depth assessment, otherwise known as psychological testing, can give you the information you need to make effective changes in your life or your child's life.

Psychological assessment uses a wide variety of techniques, including problem solving tasks, questionnaires, and systematic creative and expressive tasks to accurately determine the nature and severity of problems facing a child, teen or adult. Tasks are scored and compared to norms from hundreds or thousands of other individuals, and then I compile the results into a clear and detailed report in everyday language. Your report will both tell you the nature of the problems and give you a list of strategies to solve them at home, at school, in the community and in therapy or other treatment.

Some of the conditions that I can assess for include but are not limited to the following:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Gifted and Talented youth
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Disruptive behavior disorders
  • Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety
  • Long standing personality patterns

Assessment might be considered for a child who:

  • Is struggling in school and teachers have suggested additional help
  • Is overwhelmed and exhibits out of control or unusual behaviors
  • Is gifted, and parents want better understanding of their strengths for educational enrichment
  • Has been suffering emotionally or having behavior difficulties for some time
  • Has difficulty making and keeping friends and appears lonely and withdrawn
  • Engages in dangerous behaviors such as self-harm, aggression, or substance use.

Assessment might be considered for adults who:

  • Want more information before deciding on a course of treatment such as medications
  • Have tried therapy multiple times and keep hearing different explanations of what is wrong
  • Want a better understanding of their coping styles and personality to aid in therapy or relationships
  • Need documentation of a psychological difficulty for an outside agency