Healthy Lifestyle Changes

If you are worried about your weight or your health (or your child's), you're not alone. Over 65% of Americans are overweight or obese by current medical standards, and the rate is growing rapidly every year. We are bombarded with media images of slender celebrities, medical information about the risks of obesity, and literally hundreds of quick fix plans with promises of easy solutions that never seem to pan out.

Are you ready for a change and looking for a saner, well-balanced approach? Confidence in Motion may provide you and your family the support and structure you're looking for. Dr. Anvin will help you shift your focus from self-criticism and shedding pounds to self-love and improving your health. We'll focus on finding activities you love and learning to eat more consciously and healthfully. We'll also take the time we need to explore your thoughts about body, weight, food and fitness, and help you conquer any self-defeating patterns. The goal is to build a lifestyle you or your child can enjoy for years to come, and to improve your health and well-being while treating weight loss as a positive side effect of a healthier life.


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