Body Image and Self-Esteem

We all carry within ourselves a range of self-images: what we think we are, what we show the world, what we hope to be, what we can do, and how we connect to others. As we travel through life, we encounter a range of other images: the faces our friends, family and others show to the world, media images and stereotypes, and a range of experiences that give us feedback on how others perceive us. From all of these many sources, we piece together a story about ourselves, about our lives, about our worth. If you or your child are not sure you like the way you see yourself, Confidence in Motion can help you sift through images that surround you and help you write a new story of yourself.

Many people who struggle with low confidence and self doubt are trapped in the wrong story. The clearest images you may see are not images of yourself and your capabilities, but rather cultural images of the perfect body, the perfect student, the perfect child or the perfect partner. The more you or your child worry about measuring up to these unattainable ideals, the more cautious you become and the fewer activities you take on. Over time the false story shuts you out from experiences that could show your true value and strength. Confidence in Motion is about trying new activities and learning to truly experience yourself: to feel your body move and experience its strength and growth, to listen to your thoughts and feelings and learn to live and love yourself in the moment. True confidence comes from action and experience, not from outside standards or outer appearances. Come learn just what you are capable of when you give yourself the chance to shine!


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