Alternatives to Medication

For at least 4 decades, regular physical exercise has been a scientifically established treatment for depression and anxiety, helping to change brain chemistry and improve mood as effectively as with common medications. Many of us are intuitively aware of this connection between mood and activity. Maybe you've felt the rush of achievement after a good workout and felt your mood lift, or maybe you've only observed it in others and wished you felt the same. Maybe you've watched your child briefly escape from frustration, stress or sadness through active play, and wished that happened more often.

When you're stressed out, tired all the time, or feeling hopeless, it can be hard to get started and stick with an active lifestyle. This is where Confidence in Motion can help. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Anvin understands how mental health can be part of the barrier between you and the active life you want to lead. She can help you sort through the options, find healthy activities you or your child can enjoy, catch the negative thoughts that throw you off track, and help you create plans to get you moving even on the low days when your motivation is fading.

As with other forms of treatment for significant mental suffering, exercise is rarely the only treatment needed to recover from anxiety or depression. If you are not yet working with a therapist, Dr. Anvin will likely recommend you devote part of your Confidence in Motion sessions to working through the thoughts and behavior patterns that keep you stuck in depression or anxiety. If you prefer, she can help you connect with other professionals to to provide a well rounded treatment program that will address all your needs. Dr. Anvin is also happy to work with you or your child's existing mental health providers to add exercise as part of your existing treatment plan.


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